We offer a bi-annual testing service, with a complementary first visit.
At the end of the visit we give you all the documentation relating to the testing of your property.

After your first visit we invite you to sign up to our bi-annual testing service - There is no obligation.

We test your

Electrical installation, including the speed of response of your RCD(s),

we check the quality of your earth and your equipotential bonds -

ensuring your house is as safe as it can be.

( As a consumer you are supposed to be testing your RCD every 3 months )
( We test your electrical installation as best we can without removing the cover from your consumer board )


We test your

Smoke alarms with canned smoke

Again doing the best test that can be done


We have other tests that we will ask you about during our visit.


If applicable we also test your

Emergency lighting and Emergency exits.


We hand over all the documentation for the tests of your house
And then only when you are happy – do we ask if you would like to sign up to our bi-annual testing service.
We charge £12 / visit for the average house.

We recommend that you contact your Insurance company with a view to getting a discount on your annual insurance premium because of the scheduled maintenance contract that you have with us.

Here are some samples of the documentation that we provide :-

Danger Notification
Not up to modern standards
The Contract
A Compliance Certificate

All our testers are polite, respectful and instructed not to be pushy. We don't need to be – we know our customers highly value our service – if you don't want to become a customer then it is not a problem. Our testers are trained technically for the job, and have the resources of our business partner – Allerton-EPS at the end of a telephone should they encounter something in a house which they haven't come across before.

Our testers operate with their and your safety of paramount importance. If you feel at all nervous about our service then please be assured that the testers have been vetted by our business partner - Allerton-EPS.co.uk - a local business whose reputation is on the line. If you want to ring us to arrange an appointment when another family member is present then we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Our testing requires that we gain access to your Smoke Alarm(s) where ever they are located in your house. And for the first visit we must check the Water and Gas equipotential bonds – these might be in inaccessible locations such as under the stairs or under the kitchen sink. During subsequent visits the tester is not required to inspect the Equipotential bonding unless there has been work in the house to suggest that the bond may have been dislodged – please ask us to check it again if the situation arises.

We are knowledgeable experts visiting your home to answer any questions you may have – for example there are different types of alarms for detecting Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide and we can advise you which is best for your location. We are also available for small jobs no matter what they are … from changing light bulbs to freeing off a stiff window.

In September 2010 the NICEIC launched their own version of ‘MOTyourHome’,
A national consumer safety campaign warning homeowners about the dangers of electrical DIY. Fronted by home-improvement expert, Linda Barker, the new campaign encourages homeowners whose property is over 10 years old to employ a registered electrician to carry out a Periodic Inspection Report, which acts like an MOT for the property.

Whilst not we are not carrying out a Periodic Inspection Report, which can run into hundreds of pounds, we are electrically testing everything that we can test without removing the cover of the consumer board. And more besides – Smoke Alarms, Emergency Lighting etc … The term MOT implies the test should be carried out annually – but the result of a Periodic Inspection Report recommends a re-test date depending on the condition of the electrical installation from anything from 0 ( zero ) months – to ten years. So the NICEIC are only using the term loosely, so we feel that MOTyourHome can be more correctly applied to our service than the proposed testing regime recommended by the NICEIC.

According to the Electrical Wiring Regulations BS7671,
there should a label on your consumer board ** saying :-

This installation, or part of it, is protected by a device which automatically switches off the supply if an earth fault develops.
Test quarterly by pressing the button marked 'T' or 'Test'.
The device should switch off and should then be switched back ON to restore the supply.
If the device does not switch off the supply when the button is pressed, seek expert advice.

Householders should be pressing the 'T' button on the front of their RCDs every quarter, our service tests your RCD(s) electrically on a scheduled maintenance contract. Testing an RCD electrically is much more sophisticated, it ensures not only that the device operates electrically but it operates within the correct time – disconnecting the electricity before it has had a chance to do any serious damage.

– this could save your life.

For further information :-


www.MOTyourHome.org.uk ( this website )

The NICEIC's promotion is to be found at - www.niceic.com/about-us/media-and-campaigns/mot-your-home

To book your FREE visit – There is no obligation to sign up to our bi-annual visiting service – Free means Free

Please contact your tester directly OR Call the Primary organiser ( Greg ) on 07944 296136

Any queries contact our coordinator : GregMcCormack@MOTyourHOME.org.uk

** - Providing you have an RCD fitted in your consumer board.

Legal Wording :-

MOTyourHOME only exists as a framework of individual testers all working with mutual respect and trust between us – individually we realise the benefit of having AllertonEPS as our business partner – but no matter what the circumstances - no liability can be assumed to defer onto anybody else other than the person doing the work – this includes any coordinators of MOTyourHOME or any business partner(s). Your contract and any work undertaken by any individual in your house is a relationship of trust between you and the actual person who is doing the work – no other business or individual is responsible or has any liability what-so-ever in relation to the work undertaken in your property. In the event of a dispute - we and our business partner AllertonEPS will only assist and act as we see and deem necessary and are not responsible for any aspect of the contract or any other liability. This even extends to the situation where a direct debit is made to a third party other than your tester – in that case it is your responsibility to advise that third party of any dis-satisfaction with our service at your earliest opportunity.
The maintenance contract that you have is with your tester – Co-Ordinators of MOTyourHOME and our business partner will act as overseers and act at their discretion.
* - If you have any specific concerns about one of our testers – we will investigate thoroughly and in the extreme case assist the police with their inquiries.

Your tester's home address is available upon request … *

Oct 2012